Herbal Therapy: And your pet’s overall health

At Sun Dog Cat Moon, we offer herbal therapy as a unique alternative or additive to other treatments. We advocate for a truly individualized approach to care, so we’ll conduct herbal therapy to complement acupuncture and traditional medical treatments if it’s right for the patient.

There are countless benefits to herbal therapy. The herbs support a variety of conditions and can even help boost the effectiveness of other concurrent treatments.

Our approach to herbal therapy is rooted in an integrated approach. We recommend herbal therapy treatment based on the pet's entire health plan. Our herbal therapy for your pet is carefully regulated by our doctors and there are very minimal side effects.

Since herbal therapy is a subtle and non-invasive form of treatment, it might take some time before you see results in your cat or dog. We generally administer a preliminary dose to make sure the herbs agree with your pet, and then we’ll adjust accordingly to create a long-term solution for your pet.

Between herbal therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, and our Western forms of treatment, your pet receives a completely customized and integrated form of care when they come to Sun Dog Cat Moon. Our treatments are unique, and your pet is, too.

Let’s discuss herbal therapy for your pet.